Many industries using microelectronic parts and components call on us at AcousTech for two primary reasons: 

  1. We specialize in nondestructive scanning acoustic microscopy (C-SAM®), x-ray, and visual inspection techniques, and
  2. We have extensive experience applying these techniques to a variety of purposes. 

Among the chief applications we routinely handle are … 

  • Parts/Vendor Qualification – often necessary to ensure the quality and reliability of microelectronic parts and the suppliers who provide them for electronic systems,
  • Lot Screening – which entails examining large quantities of the same electronic device or component,
  • Failure Analysis – designed to collect and analyze data for use in determining the cause of an electronic device’s failure,
  • Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) – whereby we scan electronic devices prior to their being physically dismantled in order to see how well they conform to their design, material, and process requirements,
  • Counterfeit Detection – ensuring that microelectronic parts and components are not misrepresented as to their quality and origin,
  • Process Development/Verification – often done to check that a soldering process isn’t damaging parts, particularly BGAs, or to compare the effects of using alternative manufacturing processes,
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) Testing – often used to determine whether a moisture-sensitive electronic device holds up to specific MSL standards before developing problems such as delamination, internal cracks, or die damage, and
  • Tin Whisker Mitigation – in which imaging is used to verify that the robotic hot solder dip process hasn’t negatively affected an electronic device’s internal components. 

You can learn more about the applications for our inspection techniques by exploring the links provided above. If you have a specific testing application in mind for your microelectronic parts and components, please Request a Quote from us. And if you have further questions, contact AcousTech for answers. We’ll show you how partnering with us assures you of accurate, comprehensive testing, detailed yet concise reporting, full documentation including photos, professional collaboration, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround.

C-SAM® is a registered trademark of Sonoscan, Inc.