Test Laboratories

Our focus on using scanning acoustic microscopy as a means of inspecting microelectronic parts and components – not to mention the expertise we’ve gained in using it – has given us a niche in the testing marketplace. That niche is further cemented by the way we often complement C-SAM® testing with X-Ray and Visual inspection. Other test laboratories have taken note. Lacking our niche services in house, they frequently call on us to provide those services as a supplement to their own testing methods.

We work openly and in full collaborative partnership with test laboratories in an array of industries, including those we typically serve ourselves: the aerospace, military, medical device manufacturing, automotive, and semiconductor industries, especially. Our inspection services cover a wide range of applications as well.

If your test laboratory could make use of our niche services, rest assured we’ll deliver the same partnership benefits all of our clients enjoy: accurate, comprehensive testing, detailed yet concise reporting, full documentation including photos, professional collaboration, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround. Contact AcousTech and let us show you more of how we partner with other test laboratories to meet all test objectives.

C-SAM® is a registered trademark of Sonoscan, Inc.