Counterfeit Detection

Electronic parts that are misrepresented as to their origin or quality – counterfeits – are more than an infringement of a legitimate producer’s trademark rights. They could pose a serious hazard if incorporated into critical systems like those for aircraft navigation, life support, military equipment, or space vehicles. That’s because counterfeit parts are often of inferior quality and do not conform to industry standards or specifications. Complicating matters is the commoditization of electronic component marketing. This has made it much easier for counterfeiters to introduce substandard and counterfeit devices into the supply chain.

We offer help with Counterfeit Detection to all of the industries we serve. As you might expect, though, it’s the military and aerospace industries that rely most heavily on our Counterfeit Detection services. And while we also provide these services to other test labs and brokers, they themselves are usually contracted by military and aerospace companies.

PEMs (plastic encapsulated microcircuits) such as SSOPs, SOICs, PLCCs, MSOPs, PQFPs/TQFPs are the parts most often submitted to us for Counterfeit Detection.

To determine if they’re counterfeit or not, our C-SAM® and X-Ray inspection techniques both do an exceptional job of helping… 

  • verify if the expected features of a part are present within its plastic packaging, and
  • distinguish parts in what should be a homogenous lot that have internal structures unlike those of the other parts – by revealing differences, say, in die size and paddle design. 

C-SAM® also does well in helping us identify whether a part has internal damage as a result of desoldering from a board, which could indicate that the part was used previously. And our X-Ray inspection further gives us an inexpensive way to find extraneous material, excess die-attach material, and differences in wirebonding configuration.

When using our C-SAM® process, we follow these standards: 

Applicable X-Ray standards include… 

Our Counterfeit Detection services also entail providing you with… 

  • a quick turnaround,
  • a detailed yet concise pass/fail report that notes all defects discovered,
  • a certificate of conformance, and
  • a CD that includes all images taken during the tests and/or the original X-Ray films. 

Beyond that, we offer you the same professional collaboration and competitive pricing that complete the benefits of partnership we extend to every AcousTech client.

Questions? Contact AcousTech. We’ll be happy to explain more about how our services can be applied to Counterfeit Detection. And when you’re ready, be sure to Request a Quote.

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