Troubleshooting failed automotive devices is primarily how we serve the automotive industry. Our C-SAM®, x-ray, and visual inspection methods help manufacturers of automotive devices understand why such devices fail in order to avoid contributing to vehicular accidents and costly industry recalls. 

Failure analysis isn’t all we offer our automotive clients, though. We also provide them with imaging for a variety of other applications, including…

  • destructive physical analysis (DPA),
  • High-Reliability Qualification scanning,
  • upscreening of commercially available off-the shelf microelectronics (COTS), and
  • screening of ceramic chip capacitors for defects. 

Regardless of the application, we work with all of our automotive industry clients as a true partner. That means… 

  • we provide whatever consultation they need to understand our procedures,
  • we customize tests to their specific requirements, and
  • we collaborate with them every step of the way to assure that their test objectives are met. 

We also provide full documentation of our work, which includes detailed yet concise descriptions of our test results along with accompanying photos.

If you’d like to know more about how we serve the automotive industry and what we can do for you, specifically, contact AcousTech. You’ll discover that partnering with us also ensures competitive pricing and quick turnaround.

C-SAM® is a registered trademark of Sonoscan, Inc.