Acoustic Microscopy Applications

C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscopy has proven invaluable as a non-invasive, non-destructive tool for detecting flaws in microelectronic parts and assemblies. Because it’s particularly sensitive to defects such as delamination, voids, and cracks, many industry standards require that C-SAM® be used as part of a larger inspection process. Quite often, it’s accompanied by X-Ray.

C-SAM® can be beneficial in a variety of applications. At AcousTech, we specialize in using it for … 

The primary standard for C-SAM® use is J-STD-035. This is a basic functioning/processing standard specifying what scans can be performed and interfaces evaluated. Everything we do at AcousTech follows this standard. It should be noted, though, that J-STD-035 does not set forth Pass/Fail criteria for devices.

Other C-SAM® standards we follow at AcousTech include but are not limited to: 

When you contract with AcousTech for C-SAM® services, we provide both in-depth analysis and concise but thorough reporting. You can count on us for personalized service, a truly collaborative partnership, and fast turnaround as well.

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