There was a time not all that long ago when the military and aerospace industries controlled the manufacture of electronic components. That’s not the case now. Advancements in technology and an ever more rapidly growing commercial electronics industry have changed the dynamics. Today’s electronic component manufacturers are driven to make devices that comply more with commercial demand than with stricter aerospace guidelines. This has forced the aerospace industry to purchase commercial electronic components and adapt them to its needs. Aerospace companies want assurance that the commercial components they buy are suitable. That’s where AcousTech comes in.

We’re frequently engaged by aerospace companies to perform up-screening, which simply refers to the rigorous testing of electronic devices before they’re purchased in order to confirm that they qualify. To this end, we may employ any and all of our inspection services – C-SAM®, X-Ray, and Visual.

C-SAM® is especially useful here, since acoustic microscopy is a non-destructive technique that’s able to find defects other tests can’t. Among such defects are delamination, voids, and cracks. The images produced, which show the internal features of a device quite clearly, can be used to make comparisons and note changes as devices are flowed through environmental and life tests.

Where X-Ray inspection has proven adept is in helping eliminate the possibility of counterfeit aerospace parts.

To learn more about how we serve the aerospace industry and what we can do for you, contact AcousTech. Partnering with us assures you of accurate, comprehensive testing, detailed yet concise reporting, full documentation including photos, professional collaboration, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround.

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