Process Development/Verification

When it comes to the manufacture or application of electronic parts and devices, many industries seek to establish uniform standards, specifications, and processes, then verify that what they’ve established works.

AcousTech has proven an invaluable provider of Process Development/Verification services. We’ve done so largely with our scanning acoustic microscopy screening, but also with X-Ray inspection.

All of the industries we serve call on us at one time or another for help with Process Development/Verification. And virtually all electronic parts and devices are submitted to us for this purpose, including… 

  • PEMs (plastic encapsulated microcircuits) such as TSSOPs, SOICs, PLCCs, MSOPs, PQFPs/TQFPs, CDIPs/PDIPs, BGAs/FBGAs, and SOTs,  
  • PCBs (printed circuit boards),
  • hybrid devices,
  • flip chips,
  • medical implants, and
  • automotive sensors. 

C-mode scanning acoustic microscopy (C-SAM®) is beneficial in making sure that a soldering process isn’t damaging parts like BGAs, which are most susceptible to this kind of damage. We’ve found C-SAM equally effective in helping clients compare the effects of alternative processes on the internal makeup of a device.

The use of X-Ray inspection in Process Development/Verification depends on the part or process up for review. Typically, we use X-Rays to evaluate solder balls on BGAs.

The standards we follow when using our C-SAM® process are… 

The X-Ray standards that apply include… 

Our services relative to Process Development/Verification also entail providing you with… 

  • a quick turnaround,
  • a detailed yet concise pass/fail report that notes all defects discovered,
  • a certificate of conformance, and
  • a CD that includes all images taken during the tests and/or the original X-Ray films. 

Beyond that, we offer you the same professional collaboration and competitive pricing that complete the benefits of partnership we extend to every AcousTech client.

Questions? Contact AcousTech. We’ll be happy to explain more about how our services can help satisfy your Process Development/Verification needs. And when you’re ready, be sure to Request a Quote.

C-SAM® is a registered trademark of Sonoscan, Inc.