X-Ray Inspection Applications

X-Ray analysis offers another effective non-destructive way to find flaws in microelectronic parts and assemblies. It’s especially good at helping us… 

  • get a better look at die attachments and wire bonding patterns,
  • compare more precisely the wire bonding patterns, paddle design, and die size of parts from different vendors or with different date codes, and
  • better identify die-attach voiding and inconsistencies in wire-bond integrity, either of which can play a significant role in decreasing product reliability. 

Given these attributes, X-Ray analysis often is used in conjunction with other investigative techniques, particularly C-SAM®. At AcousTech, we specialize in applying X-Ray analysis to… 

Chief among the standards for X-Ray analysis we follow at AcousTech are: 

In addition to providing our clients with in-depth X-Ray analysis, we also give them a concise but detailed report of our findings. Fast turnaround, personalized care, and collaborative partnership are also hallmarks of our service.

Have questions about X-Ray analysis and its applications? We have answers. Just contact AcousTech. And if your need for one or more of our X-Ray applications is immediate, Request a Quote from us today.

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