The Acoustic Microscopy and X-Ray Specialists

AcousTech, Inc., is an analytical services laboratory. We specialize in the acoustic micro imaging and x-ray radiography of electronic components and assemblies.

Our customers come from a broad spectrum of industries, including military, aerospace, semiconductor manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and automotive. We also work for and in partnership with other test labs as well as those who broker microelectronic parts and devices.

The high-quality imaging we provide is backed by our extensive experience in microelectronic component evaluation. We also support it with … 

  • concise yet in-depth reporting that includes photo documentation,
  • competitive pricing,
  • fast turnaround,
  • customized testing that takes into account each client’s unique circumstances and requirements, and
  • a true partnership approach whereby we consult and collaborate openly with clients to assure that their testing needs are fully met.

In partnering with our clients, we enable them to make informed decisions about their products and components. Let us demonstrate how we can do that for you.  Contact AcousTech.  And if your needs are immediate, Request a Quote today.