Visual (Microscopy) Inspection

No matter how sophisticated the technology or innovative the procedures become, there’s always a place for visual inspection of microelectronic parts and components. It’s used for various applications – typically in conjunction with C-SAM® and X-Ray inspection – and we can perform it to a wide range of industry standards. At AcousTech, we accomplish visual inspection with a stereo microscope that provides up to 40x magnification.

The industries we serve with visual inspection are the same as those who avail themselves of our C-SAM and X-Ray inspection. They include the aerospace industry, the military, test laboratories, medical device manufacturers, and the automotive and semiconductor industries as well as various electronic component brokers.

Whatever inspection services you need for your microelectronic parts and components, we’ll draw up a customized test plan for you and clearly communicate it. Personal service of this nature is what we’ve found works best in assuring meaningful results. Following our inspection, we’ll provide you with thorough documentation, including photos of images from our stereo microscope.

If you have questions about any of our inspection services, including visual inspection, contact AcousTech. And don’t hesitate to Request a Quote.

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