X-Ray Inspection

Hanging of X-Ray Films

Many applications benefit from the use of X-Ray to inspect microelectronic parts and components. It’s used most commonly, though, for lot screening and counterfeit detection, where it’s particularly cost effective. Quite often, X-Ray inspection is used in conjunction with acoustic microscopy and visual inspection. It well complements C-SAM® because X-Ray inspection excels in its ability to reveal… 

  • wire bonding issues, such as wires that touch and wires that are lifted or bent, and
  • inconsistent lot constructions, such as differences in die size and different wire bonding patterns. 

Our inspection services have found favor with a number of industries, among them the aerospace industry, the military, test laboratories, medical device manufacturers, and the automotive and semiconductor industries as well as various electronic component brokers.

AcousTech professionals can advise you on the best application for X-Ray inspection, including its use as a complementary technique. Whatever your needs, we’ll customize a test plan to accommodate them. We’ll also communicate our procedures to you clearly so you know what to expect.

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