Widely diverse industries rely on the non-destructive microelectronic inspection services provided by AcousTech, Inc. We’re especially sought out by … 

  • The Aerospace Industry, which more and more is being forced to use commercially available microelectronic parts and components,
  • The Military, which is similarly regulated and in particular need of screening for counterfeit parts,
  • Other Test Laboratories, with whom we partner to provide services they don’t offer in-house,
  • Medical Device Manufacturers, who frequently call on us for us for the quality-control screening of implantable devices,
  • The Automotive Industry, which looks to us for help in troubleshooting failed devices that have or could lead to vehicular accidents or costly recalls,
  • The Semiconductor Industry, which often uses our screening to test product quality and verify manufacturing processes, and
  • Various Brokers of Electronic Components, for whom we provide consultation that typically involves helping them understand a particular standard or statement of work and what testing is required. 

We bring to every industry we serve a partnership mentality that fosters true collaboration between our clients and us. This does three things: 

  1. It helps us fully understand our clients’ needs.
  2. It assures that all test objectives will be met, whether we’re engaged for C-SAM® testing, x-ray testing, visual inspection, or some combination thereof.
  3. It gives our clients confidence that they can turn to us time and again for dependable test results. 

Whatever the industry, whatever the application, we also provide our clients with detailed yet concisely worded reporting that also includes photo documentation. If you’d like to learn more about our work in your industry and what we can do for you, contact AcousTech or Request a Quote. We want to partner with you for all your microelectronic inspection needs.

C-SAM® is a registered trademark of Sonoscan, Inc.