Making sure our troops have safe, dependable weaponry and other materiel is of prime importance to anyone who provides for the military industry. Nowadays, of course, the military relies heavily on electronic devices. That’s why military manufacturers and engineers, in turn, have come to rely heavily on us.

We provide our proven C-SAM®, X-Ray, and Visual inspection techniques to a wide range of testing applications for military devices. This has become an increasingly crucial task as the military, much like the aerospace industry, now has to purchase more commercially available electronic components. One reason for this stands out: The burgeoning commercial electronics industry is now free to serve a wider market and no longer makes electronic devices that comply solely with strict aerospace and military guidelines. Up-screening – in this case, the testing of electronic components before they’re purchased – becomes all the more necessary to ensure that commercial components are appropriate for military adaptation.

The principle technique we employ to inspect military electronic components is C-SAM®. It’s non-destructive and exceptionally good at finding defects other tests can’t, such as delamination, voids, and cracks. Also, because C-SAM® images so clearly show internal features, we can use these images to make comparisons and note changes as devices are flowed through environmental and life tests.

Of growing concern to the military, especially as its electronic equipment becomes more sophisticated, is the detection of counterfeit parts. For this we’ve found X-Ray inspection to be ideal.

If you’d like more information on how we serve the military industry and what we can do for you, contact AcousTech. Partnering with us assures you of accurate, comprehensive testing, detailed yet concise reporting, full documentation including photos, professional collaboration, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround.

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