Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA)

Destructive Physical Analysis – DPA, for short – involves physically dismantling a device to help determine whether it conforms to its design and material specifications as well as its process requirements. Semiconductors, microcircuits, and passive electronic devices are frequently submitted to this kind of analysis. And AcousTech is frequently called upon to contribute, delivering primarily its C-SAM® and X-Ray inspection services.

All industries avail themselves of Destructive Physical Analysis at some time or another. Of the industries we serve at AcousTech, DPA is used most often by the aerospace industry to qualify electronic components to Class “S.” Other common users of DPA include the military, semiconductor manufacturers, test labs, medical device manufacturers, and the automotive industry.

Given that any type of electronic part or device can fail, all such items are likely DPA candidates. Among the part types most often submitted to AcousTech are… 

  • PEMs (plastic encapsulated microcircuits) such as SSOPs, SOICs, PLCCs, MSOPs, PQFPs/TQFPs,
  • hybrid devices,
  • flip chips,
  • medical implants, and
  • automotive sensors. 

Whether we use C-SAM®, X-Ray, or some combination of the two with these items, our approach at AcousTech is the first step in nondestructively identifying a number of potential problems. C-SAM® particularly excels in exposing die surface delamination, leadframe delamination, delamination at a wirebond, and cracks. We’ve found X-Ray inspection ideal for spotting lifted or shorted wire bonds, excessive die-attach voiding, extraneous material, excessive die-attach material, and chipped die edges.

The C-SAM® standards to which we adhere in delivering our DPA services are… 

The applicable X-Ray standards we follow are… 

As part of our Destructive Physical Analysis services we also provide you with… 

  • a quick turnaround,
  • a detailed yet concise pass/fail report that notes all defects discovered,
  • a certificate of conformance, and
  • a CD that includes all images taken during the tests and/or the original X-Ray films. 

Beyond that, we offer you the same professional collaboration and competitive pricing that complete the benefits of partnership we extend to every AcousTech client.

Questions? Contact AcousTech. We’ll be happy to explain more about how our services can be applied to the DPA you require. And when you’re ready, be sure to Request a Quote.

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